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1967 Fiat Dino

It is unusual but there are two completely different cars by different manufacturers with the Dino name; one by Ferrari and the other by Fiat. Both were made in the same time period, share the same engine and name but beyond that have little in common.

In the late 60's Ferrari decided to expand its product lines by going down market. In order to spread the cost of developing a new car. Ferrari struck a deal with Fiat to share the cost and to share the end product in this case the engine either in 2.0L or 2.4L forms. As to why the name Dino was chosen is not clear; some say it was chosen as an homage to Enzo's dying son, others  say his son Dino helped to developed the engine and some say that Enzo didn't want a Ferrari with a V6 engine. Regardless, the resulting cars were all called Dino.

The Ferrari was a midengine two seater that is perhaps one of Pininfarina' best design. Fiat's Dinos were a two seater convertible by Pininfarina and a coupe by Bertone. Of the two the convertible is the more attractive while the coupe can best be described as having a nice personality.

For the longest time all Dinos were relegated to the also ran curiosities but lately this has changed as collectors have now discovered how fun they are to drive. The Ferrari Dino although not the fastest Ferrari of that time is perhaps the best handling while the Fiat Dino is a beautiful unstated convertible competitive with anything the British were producing at the time.

This particular car is the more common 2.0L making about 150hp while the later 180hp 2.4L made from 1969 until 1973 are much rarer with only about 400plus were made. The later Fiat Dinos have the distinction of being assembled on the same production line as Ferrari later Dinos, the 246GT and GTS.


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